Hacking While Black (Jaleesa Trapp & Arif Gursel)

June 21, 2017

1 hour

Arif Gursel

Arif Gürsel is a serial entrepreneur who grew up in Brooklyn, NY and graduated from the historical Tuskegee University with a Computer Science degree before receiving his MBA from the University of Chicago. He is the founder of multiple startups including Floodgate Academy and Vibe Heavy. Arif’s resume, experience and commitment to building community make him one of technologies most influential people to know.

Jaleesa Trapp

Jaleesa Trapp is a computer science instructor from Tacoma, Washington’s Hill Top neighborhood. After graduating from the University of Washington’s Human Centered Design Engineering program she opted to return to her community to teach coding at the iDEA Innovative School and the Intel Computer Clubhouse where she was first introduced to coding in middle school. She has a deep passion for building community and social justice and will pursue a master’s degree at MIT’s Media Lab this fall.

Additional Links

Spotify Playlist: https://tinyurl.com/ybrvnku9

Jaleesa Trapp Twitter: @JaleesaT

Arif Gürsel Instagram: @arifgursel 

Floodgate Academy: http://floodgateacademy.com/ 

Vibe Heavy: http://vibeheavy.com/ 

Intel Computer Clubhouse: https://clubhouse253.wordpress.com/