Caribbean Hustle (David Pierre-Louis & Victor Winston Fitch)

June 7, 2017

1 hour


Welcome to the first episode of the No Blueprint Podcast hosted by Domo and Yoshiko

In this episode, we sit down with David Pierre-Louis and Victor Winston Fitch to discuss how they define culture, its importance in their lives, being inspired by the hustle of the Caribbean people, Japanese culture, minimalism, and travel.

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David Pierre-Louis

David Pierre-­Louis is a leader in organizational, social, and economic development. As a magnate in business development, hospitality and entertainment, he is presently focusing his skills and leadership in cultivating community action and advocating for social change throughout the country of Haiti.

David is the Chief Operating Officer of Haiti Coffee Co., a company geared towards developing and growing Haiti’s coffee industry as a viable global competitor. He is also in the the process of building Kay Tita, a multi­level community resource space that will house the country’s first Impact Hub in Port­-au-­Prince. It will be a center for local entrepreneurial citizens to create a more sustainable future for themselves.

Winston Fitch

Winston Fitch is an innovator and ambassador whose family roots can be traced back to Trinidad and Oklahoma. He is the President of Dayspring & Fitch Family Funeral Home and founding partner of Victor International, a trade brokerage and brand development firm. He was raised in Seattle, Washington by entrepreneurial parents before obtaining an economics degree from Central Washington University. He sits on various boards and committees throughout Western Washington & Canada, fostering creative thinking spaces and producing strategic planning and brand development goals within multi-ethnic communities. An active networker and team builder, Winston is a leader in two network marketing businesses and is involved in social issue campaigns affecting underrepresented communities as a promoter of economic development fundamentals.

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